Prime Sleep Recorder App Reviews

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Really fun.

So far it’s quite amusing. The recordings sometimes cut off before the talking is over, but it doesn’t bother me too much. I am amused though by the fact that it never fails to think that my husband getting up and getting ready for work in the morning is snoring somehow. It apparently thinks that a bunch of banging and loud noises sounds like snoring. Lol. But I’m still thoroughly enjoying it.

So fun!!!

I love hearing what my husband says in his sleep. All the other apps are more for snoring.

Great app!!

Using it to keep track of intake of food and alcohol; exercise, on my sleep. Very informative.

Sleep recorder

I have only used this app for a couple of days but absolutely love it. It gives you a detailed report of the noise in the room, how many times it detects you snoring and what your deep sleep patterns are. Can foresee this as being very helpful to my sleep apnea doctor.

Eye opening...when they’re closed

I never thought I snored because I sleep on my side. My family has always said otherwise. They were right. This has provided good insight into my sleep patterns and shows that, perhaps I need a sleep study as I hear instances where my breathing sounds stressed. I will now be able to provide some data to my doctor. They’ve been wanting to do a sleep study on me in the past. Now I see why. BTW, this app syncs well with the Health App on the iPhone which provides a nice daily graph based on the data.

Great App

Great app for reviewing your sleeping habits.

Very well made

Best up there is for this

Its the perfect app to track your sleep


Brilliant App!

I just started using it to track my snoring and figure out if I might have sleep apnea. It works amazingly well and shows you all of your snoring episodes for the entire night in a simple chart that you can analyze minute by minute. It barely uses up any battery while it is doing this and you can turn your iPhone to the sleep position and it will still work.

Why isnt there a setting between low and very low?

Very low I have to speak very loudly to get it to activate, and everything else is so extremely sensitive I have a million recordings in the morning of my fan whirring. Come on people.


Loved the app!!!

Love this tool!

Great app to monitor your snoring. Easy to use, with plenty of options and settings for sensitivity.

Does what it says

Does what it says it will do.


Best app for monitoring sleep and curious noise during the night. I use it for sleep apnea, talking in sleep, noise in room during the night, etc. its amazing.


Worked very good:)!


Thought it was legit gonna be bad its incredible!


The recorder is so sensitive it even picks up when the central air kicks in. Ive been able to find out that I snore mostly at night. Its an awful noise.

A good start, worth .99

The recorder and sensitivity controls work great. Not too many other features, not really interested in posting my snoring to Facebook-thanks anyway. Maybe some tools to measure sounds in decibels, analyze recordings, see larger displays of recordings, etc. those would be appreciated and move the app beyond a simple recorder to earn more stars.

Get it u will not regret it

I got his app it works really well plus the recordings are crystal clear u caught myself talking in my sleep it made a funny moments if u want to make some funny moments with friends and family get this app

Really Good

Its good if you wanna know your sleep patterns so this app is great...

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